Juice Menu


Berry Milk – the creamy flavor of drinking the milk leftover from a bowl of crunch berries

Cereal Killa – classic marshmallow cereal flavor that started it all

Crunchy – like a handful of crunchy berry cereal

Loops – fruity loops cereal

Pebbles – fruity and lemony cereal

Star Loops – perfect blend of strawberry milk and cereal combined to make breakfast last all day


Bam Bam –  berries and forest fruit with sweetness

Banana Butter – peanut butter and banana

Banana Cream – sweet and creamy banana with splash of strawberry

Berry Blast – mix of berries lightly sweetened

Fresh Berry – a great mix of fresh berries sweetened only by the berries

Icy Peach – cool blast of sweet peach flavor

Ice Water – menthol on the inhale watermelon on the exhale

Kiwi Strawberry – a classic mix

Pineango – pineapple mango blend with a hint of  coconut

Strawberry Watermelon – a fresh blend with a hint of  coconut

Tropical Blend – mango, papaya and cantaloupe blend

Lava Bash – Pineapple blended with strawberry, cooled with a hint of coconut


Blasted Strawberry Taffy – sweet with a hit of menthol

Celestial Explosion – sweet and sour strawberry watermelon candy

Flavored Rainbows – fruity flavored candy

Guava Candy – guava with a kick of lime

Lemon Tarts – sweet sugary lemon candy bites, slightly sour

Rainbow Rolls – fruity candy vape with sweet peaches and cherries packed with juiciness

Sour Rainbows -tangy and sweet sour candies


Red Cowboy – full flavor tobacco

RY4 – caramel tobacco flavor


Apple Ice cream – crisp apple flavor, with cinnamon and caramel

Apple Pie – apples and cinnamon filling

Banana Nut Bread – nutty banana bread

Blueberry Doughnut – blueberry glazed doughnut that rich and sweet treat

Caramel Custard – rich custard sweetened with caramel

Churros – deep fried cinnamon treat

Christmas – white chocolate peppermint

Cinn – a – crack – cinnamon sugar custard

Cupcake – simple vanilla cupcake

Gingerbread Cookie– a holiday treat

Kiwi Cuss – kiwi strawberry custard with light cinnamon sugar

Lemon Custard – rich & creamy with a fresh splash of lemon

Melon Cream – blended melons dipped in whipped cream

Mint Ice Cream – green ice creams no chips

Nana Wafer – banana wafer cookie

Orange Dream – favorite orange cream popsicle

Sherbet – fruit flavored ice cream

Strawberry Cheesecake – strawberry cheesecake  with a hint of nutty crust

Strawberry Ice Cream – rich sweet cool strawberry blasted treat

Strawberry Key Lime Pie – classic with a strawberry twist

Strawnana – strawberry banana custard

Vanilla Custard – rich vanilla


Blueberry Soda – fizzy and sweet

Cappuccino – rich coffee flavor with light cream

Chai Latte – spice with steamed milk

Fizzy Baja – your favorite fizzy soda that makes you run for the border

Grape Soda – fizzy grape beverage

Miami Vice – combine strawberry daiquiri with pina colada and this is what you get

Peach Cherry Lemonade – cherry with peach and  exhale of lemonade

Raspberry Lemonade – refreshingly zingy lemon  flavor with a splash of raspberry

Red Code – citrus soda with splash of cherry

Strawberry Lemonade – simple combo sweet lemonade with strawberry

Strawberry Milkshake – sweet but not too sweet, milky creamy taste

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