About Us

I started making juice in 2014 after using my first sub ohm setup and realizing how much money I was spending on juice. Creating and perfecting new flavors became a very enjoyable hobby for me. Feeling like a natural fit for me because of a love for cooking my entire life it was easy for me to understand how the pairing of flavorings could make some very enjoyable vapes. Like most hobbies you want to share your creations with friends. After making new flavors and having friends try them things start to take off and Sublicious Juice was born. In the past few years things have progressed quickly with the launch of Subliciousjuice.com in 2015, the release of Liquefied Vapor in 2016, and opening our own B&M in 2017 located at 12077 Seminole BLVD Largo FL. Liquefied Vapor is getting a rebranding and will be available again soon. This has been a great ride for me meeting a lot of great people and making many new friends. While I still enjoy making new flavors it’s a shame I cannot share them with everyone but that may change soon. The vape industry is very cloudy right now and hopefully things can progress in a way to give everyone a chance to enjoy this alternative to a life threating habit. We will strive to continue to provide a quality product at a reasonable price. Thanks to all of you for being a part of this journey in my life.



Where is your juice made?

All juice is mixed in house in our HEPA filtered cleanroom.

Where does your nicotine come from?

We use only the best quality nicotine from Carolina Xtract

What type of VG do you use?

We use a palm based VG.

How long does it take to fulfill orders and shipping!

99% of orders made before noon EST are shipped and ready to be picked up same day. We use USPS so shipping times can vary from 2 to 7 days.

Do you have juice ready to buy in store?

Yes, we do keep our most popular flavors mixed and ready for in store purchase.